About Us     "I Am His Reflection"Ministries
                            Is A Sacred NAME Practicing Ministry    
                                YAHUAH the Father 
                                      YAHUSHA ha'Mashyach t
he Son

"I Am His Reflection"Ministries is a YaHusha ha'Mashyach centered are Called-Out-Ones as yourself and grafted into the Nation of Yashar'al. Just as the Group of Natsarim were in the 1st Century after the resurrection of YaHusha ha'Mashyach. WE USE THE SACRED HEBREW NAMES, Living a Dedicated life living as a Set-Apart Taught-One to Mashyach YaHusha. Powered by the Ruach ha'Qodesh with the Messianic Writings along with Scriptures from the TaNaKh, assisting with the understanding & application with the Word from The Father YaHuah and His Son YaHusha ha'Mashyach.

  Dedicated to carry out the Great Commission as commanded by YaHusha ha'Mashyach in  Mattithyahu 28:18-20. Committed to a life of being Set-apart to YaHusha ha'Mashyach sharing the "The Besorah/Good News"!!!....... Serving our Brothers and Sisters in the USA/UK and the Continent Africa and other areas the world.

"Mission Statement"

A community resource providing TaNaKh & Messianic Writings based teachings.

 Teaching Scripture from the TaNaKh and Messianic Writings, the ministry is using
"THE BESORAH of YAHUSHA" for our scripture and writings study translation.      


                                   "Walking the TORAH with Yahusha ha'Mashyach"

"What We Believe"

                       is the Heavenly Father and Creator.

is the Son the Mashyach and Sovereign of Yashar'al.

"The Qodesh Scriptures is the complete word of YaHUaH is our Elohim, He is the Eternal Creator and Father." "He gives us the source to be Set-apart from the world, through Salvation being covered in the Blood Covenant with His Son YaHUsHa ha'Mashyach."
"Yahusha ha'Mashiach came to the world to heal the sinners from the curse of death. By trusting by faith in YaHusha ha'Mashyach and His Words as he Resurrected overcoming death as the atonement YaHuah needed for us to be able to return home to Our Heavenly Father living a life Righteously to serve. In YaHusha ha'Mashyach we can now be Forgiven as we Repent and Live a Qodesh/Set-apart Life."

Living Life Reverent to YaHuah
the Creator under the Blood Covenant with Mashyach YaHusha

The Qahal/Ekklesia is the assembly of believers in Mashyach YaHusha. YaHusha is the Head and we are the body. As YaHuah immerses us with the Ruach ha-Qodesh/Holy Spirit when accepting YaHusha ha'Mashyach as Savior and King this allows us to separate from the world and the Death Sentence YaHuah cursed man with, so we can overcome finally the Death sentence since the fall of Adam with his wife Hawwah from being deceived by the serpent. "We must go to the world and share "The Besorah(The Message) of YaHusha the Mashyach!.."'

                                Qahal =Strongs H6950
                                Ekklesia = Strongs G1577

                   Sha'ul(Paul)and Kepha(Peter) quoted Yo'el(Joel)
                  In the "Messianic Scriptures" or the N.T
                              from the TaNaKh or the O.T.

YO'EL/JOEL 2:32 - "And it shall be that everyone who calls upon the Name of Yahuah shall be delivered." For on Mount Tsiyon and in Yerushalayim there shall be an escape as Yahuah has said and among the survivors whom Yahuah calls.

ACTS 2:21 - "And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of Yahuah shall be saved."

ROMANS 10:13  - For "everyone who calls on the Name of Yahuah shall be saved."