"His Reflection"

"One Master"
"Baruch Haba B'shem Yahuah"
Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Yahuah!

Yahuah Elohim Transforms the Heart of Many
at the City Rescue Mission of Jacksonville FL. USA

City Rescue Mission


        Memorize Yahuah Elohim's WORD!!!.......
Yahusha the Messiah qouted the WORD of YaHUaH to Satan
as he was being tempted by Satan in the desert.
You to can Repell Satans Darts and all temptations.
Yahusha the Messiah is our example!!!.......

Learn THE WORD Playing Scripture Shoes
write us for game instructions

Bruce can you quote Qoheleth/Ecclesiastes 12:13
before you throw your Scripture Shoe and score a point!!...

"Let us hear the conclusion of the entire matter:
Fear Elohim and guard His commands,
for this applies to all mankind!"
Qoheleth/Ecclesiastes 12:13

Held Weekly Addiction Over-comers Outreach Program
With Yahusha ha' Mashiach

Nazarene Church Homeless Outreach, NEWPORT-OREGON
Spiritual Needs - Medical - Employment - bedding Locations
Computer e-mail for job search's to get working - Meals

Letter to Ashanti in New Edubiase


On the 7th-Day-A Sabbath 
                    BERESHITH/GENESIS 2:3  - 1Mosheh

Bruce Atkinson with Mrs. Mambio(Victoria) Annoh-Appiah 
at the Seventh Day Adventist Church Achimota Ghana




Working together

Atlantic coast in Accra, Ghana - West Africa 

Just Having Fun!

This is the Life!

Achimota Seventh Day Adventist in Greater Accra Area

Daddy and Daughter


Traveling to the town of New Edubiase in the Ashanti Region

Class pay attention! Kindergarten class New Edubiase

Missionary Fati Fuseini brought chocolate candy for the children 

Miss.Faustina Sherwah makes a list of needs for the class(s).
We brought books, pencils/sharpeners, crayons, blank paper.
There are not any books in this class rooms (2) till we came.
They make do with what is available. Memory!

 Yahuah Elohim provides all in His Providence in the
Name of Yahusha the Mashiach!!!.......

Miss. Fati's idea for sweet chocolates were the favorite of the children.
The Ashanti children speak U.K. English and TWI their native tongue.
The manors of these Ashanti Christian children are a example of "EXCELLENCE"!  
Job Well Done Parents! "A+"

Just (1) one more piece of chocolate PLEASE?


Manors of a Saint.

They Give and ShareThere
to me!!!.......

(1) One School House (2) Two Classrooms
Children are on the play ground.
Can You Partner with us at "I Am His Reflection" Ministries 
to provide these children with kick balls and swing-sets?
Contact Bruce or Annie Atkinson
at Besorah@IAmHisReflection.Org  
"Faith In Ghana"

Saying Good Bye
Hearts and Hands say the same thing
I Love You

Leaving Town

New Edubiase Ashanti Region - Heading South 4 hours to Accra.

Most Common Food in Ghana and is very good, as it
is prepared in the traditional ways, flavored with local seasoning(s).

Every-Day Living

The Teen-Age Children School as we were leaving on the main
highway outside of New Edubiase town center.

The Girls marching in sync. as they learn many cultural ways.

Full View of School Group doing their instructed exercise.

They give full respect as they salute me!
Such a beautiful people in the Ghanian Culture.
One of the many Tribes that make up this West African Country.

No Fences.

A Police Officer with his AK-47 cruising.
Ghana for the visitor is a safe country to live or visit.

Lodging in this area of Accra the capitol, is safe and very many street vendors to eat
local fish, yam and fowl as well as local beverages.
Yahuah Elohim gave me Friends-Fellowship and lodging and food
All Excellent!!... "A+"